Nov 27 / Anna Adami

Do you need a writing coach?

Do you need a writing coach? This is a deeply personal question. The answer, therefore, is different for everyone. 

First - what is a writing coach?

A writing coach is usually a seasoned writer who can support your practice in a slew of ways. Some coaches focus on accountability and goal-setting. Others on book manuscripts in their choice genre. You’ll find coaches passionate about storytelling through trauma. And others eager to offer a keen editorial eye. 

There are also coaches like me. Ones who specialize in the process of writing more so than the product. 

My clients and I dig into the emotional body that leads their work. We unravel entanglements in doubt, fear, imposter syndrome, or whatever else may choke their creative flow. We work together to reignite creative intuition, letting the body lead. Yes, we also talk shop – publishing industry, pages, etc. But even these explorations are led gently by the body, mind, and soul, not the industry. Not the culture. Not me. Not any “shoulds.” 

So do you need a writing coach?

Here’s what I recommend. 

Take out a piece of paper. Get comfortable. Take a few deep breaths, allowing yourself to settle into your body. 

When you feel that subtle attunement to internal sensation, answer the below questions.

Pause as you move through them, allowing your body to fully experience its response.

Then answer. 

1. How does your body feel towards your writing practice?

2. Do those feelings need support?

3. If so, what kind of support do they crave?

4. How could a coach help with this support?

5. Does your body experience any resistance to the idea of a coach?

6. If so, what is this resistance telling you? And where does it come from?

7. Is what it’s telling you true? 

Sit with your answers for some time. Breathe. Observe any sensations arising in the body. 

When you’re ready, here are your final questions: How do you feel? 

What did your body reveal to you? 

Do you need (or even just want) a writing coach?

Maybe the answer is clear now. Maybe it’s still not. Honor either of these responses. There is no need to rush yourself into an answer that isn't ready for you. 

Know that, regardless of if you choose to pursue coaching or not, you are not alone. Writing is a strange and beautiful, terrifying and clarifying practice. There are loads of us out there, tinkering away with words, wondering why we feel so called. 

I’m rooting for you. 

Reignite your creative practice. 

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