The Creative Common Room

Join a community of compassionate creative kindreds. Winter 2024.  

We will meet online every Saturday from 9 to 10:30 AM Central Time to ritualize our creative practice.

Sessions begin with guided grounding in breath and body. We then transition to setting personal aims for the session. If you're looking to experiment, there will be prompts and exercises provided. After our solo making time, we'll link back up to share inspiration, resources, and insights. 
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Why Join

Having a creative practice can be lonely. Setting aside intentional time to write, paint, or dance is hard with the demands and distractions of day to day life. 

The Creative Common Room is designed to honor our creative spirits by giving them time and company.

What we invest in, we show up for.

$10 drop-in or $25 for a monthly subscription - access to all Creative Common Rooms, plus bonus offerings like open mics and critique circles.

Soft Accountability

Here your presence is a gift, not an obligation. We encourage each other to tend to our souls, not to hustle towards burnout.  

Creative Community

Here your urge to create isn't seen as strange or impractical. It is divine and necessary. Other creatives get you and are here for all your weird and wonderful. 

Planning as Honoring

By giving your creativity time to experiment and play, you validate its worth. This honors it. Frees it. Frees you. 

Join an enriching community of creatives.

Feel supported, nourished, and inspired.


Drop in to a common room without the commitment. This option is ideal for those with chaotic schedules who can't sustainably meet once a week.


Common Room Membership

Make the Creative Common Room your weekly ritual. Join the community once a week, plus benefit from bonus offerings like open mics and critique circles. Members are committed to their practice and their community.


1:1 Writing Coaching

Coaching clients benefit from individualized, 1:1 support in their writing practice. As a bonus perk, they get free access to all Creative Common Rooms. 
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